Andy Joghi

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Certificate of Attendance Foundation Workshop

Strong believer of "Happy People create Happy Customers".

Born on 20th of March 1969. Married to Waheeda (school teacher), father of 4 kids (2 sons, 2 daughters). Yamaha R1 motorcycle, golf, salsa dancing, BBQ, networking, high energy level.

More than 23 years of experience in the domain of ICT.

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” - Nelson Mandela

Attendees feedback

Annemieke van Nuland , Rabobank

Enthousiastic, power of repeating, good balance between theory and practise.

Pauline Pas , Rabobank (via Calco)

Energized which motivates. There was a good interaction with the group. A good structure was in the course.

Linda Sprang , Rabobank

Enthusiastic, knowledge of the company I work for, nice examples from his own experiences

Raymond van der Zanden

Duidelijke spreker, neemt de tijd om te luisteren, weet een veilige omgeving te creëren

Wim Wijsman , Rabobank

Pragmatic flexibel knows when to spend more or less time when needed

Pieter-Jan Groenhuijzen

rust, energie, duidelijk

Monique van Kesteren , Rabobank

Enthusiastic, skilled, motivated speaker

J. van Lit , Rabobank

Open, transparent. A lot of energy which reflects in the class.

Sabine Van Zuijlen , Rabobank

Enthousiast, georganiseerd, veel kennis, flexibel

Sylvia Peters

Het enthousiasme en de veiligheid die gecreeerd werd.

Robbert Langeveld , Rabobank

Open, transparent, experienced, well prepared, friendly.

Marc Raaff , Rabobank

Very personal, listening to all the attendants very well. Lot of examples from \"the field\".

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