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The essence of Clean Language

The essence of Clean Language is an attitude with which you shape the interaction with others:

  • You are constantly aware of the difference between experience and that of the other.
  • You listen:
    • you do not talk
    • you do not think about talking
  • You try to explore someone’s perspective without judgment or mixing with your perspective.
  • You use the language (Clean Language) that goes with it.
  • And sometimes you make a conscious choice to deviate from this.

The tools and models that support this attitude are:

  • A set of questions consisting of twelve basic questions and some specialized questions;
  • Symbolic modeling, facilitating the other as cleanly as possible so that they gain a better understanding of their own experience;
  • Systemic modeling, the commonality of groups towards an inclusive, curious and therefore learning culture;
  • Working with metaphors that bridge conscious and unconscious processes;
  • Outcome-oriented work, whereby you focus on what the other person really wants (and not on the problem);
  • Working with space, this method can best be compared with (family or organizational constellations);
  • The Clean Set-up, the way to express expectations at the start of every meeting;
  • Clean Feedback, the Clean version of the Drama triangle and much more …

Examples about what you can do with clean language:

  1. Harvest known information
  2. Elicit unknown knowns
  3. Shift emotional states
  4. Motivate people to change
  5. Enhance relationships
  6. Give and get good feedback
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