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Our Values & Services


We like to work with colleagues, clients and partners who are curious, open minded and have a need for continuous development and continuous improvement.

On this page you can read more about our values, our 10 commandments, what we believe, what and how we deliver and how to contact us in case you have any questions or additional remarks.

Our values ...

Focus – Respect – Openness – Courage – Commitment

Our 10 commandments ...

  1. We talk to each other and not about each other.
  2. We end the day with more energy than we started.
  3. We proactively provide asked and unasked constructive feedback.
  4. We work from the role that we have.
  5. We first give what we want from someone else. Giving is receiving the new.
  6. We do what we say and say what we do.
  7. In everything we do, we focus on:
    1. understanding customer demand
    2. boosting customer experience
    3. creating loyal customers
    4. building long-term relationships (internally and externally)
    5. the future
  8. We realize this by radiating enthusiasm and showing passion.
  9. In everything we do, we ask ourselves what could I have done better (we learn from mistakes and from the past but do not live in the past).
  10. We don’t work harder, we work!

We believe that ...

  • We believe that we no longer live in a time where success is only determined by years of knowledge and experience or diplomas.
  • We believe that the skills currently required to remain successful as a professional, team or organization are skills to quickly find and utilize the right knowledge and experience needed to achieve a desired outcome.
  • We see outcome and output as two separate results and our services our focussed on outcome.
  • We also believe that these future proof skills can be learned.
  • We believe that every company or organization has 3 focus areas:
    1. What can we do to boost customer satisfaction and deliver awesome products & services?
    2. What can we do to maximize employee engagement and employee motivation?
    3. How can we create Adaptive People, Adaptive Teams and Adaptive Organizations to BE agile and deliver awesome products & services instead of to DO agile?

We deliver ...

And because we also believe that lots of intelligence and skills are being underutilized, we have developed our expertise towards delivering: coaching, mentoring, facilitation and teaching services for professionals and (leadership) teams during their agile journey in BECOMING Agile.

We deliver awesome life changing experiences on your agile journey you will never forget!

Our main focus is to help you double the intelligence of people and to double the utilization of skills and capabilities of people that are freely available within your organization to maximize customers value and customer satisfaction.

How we deliver ...

Our approach can be compared to the work of a surgeon who operates standard and effective surgery:

  1. We first together picture how a healthy person or healthy (leadership) team would look like.
  2. We then gather information about the current health of a person or a (leadership) team.
  3. We then analyze gathered data and gained information to discover trends. We do analyzes in 3 parts and in this order:
      1. we first look at the data / information in a practical way where we use our common sense.
      2. we then look at data we have put in graphics after we run some experiments or conducted one or a couple of survey’s.
      3. we then do some predictive analyses based on Six Sigma instruments to better analyze root causes.

During our approach, as soon as we can execute low hanging fruit improvements which will immediately help you get closer to becoming a more healthy person or a more healthy (leadership) team, we will execute right away, why wait till tomorrow what we can execute and achieve today?!

What we deliver ...

To help you, your (leadership) team, department or organization on your journey to BECOME agile, this is the expertise we can offer you:

  1. Agile Training & Workshops
  2. Coaching services for professionals and (leadership) teams
  3. Mentoring services for professionals and (leadership) teams
  4. Facilitation services for (leadership) teams
  5. Teaching services for professionals and (leadership) teams
  6. Agile Transition Facilitation across the entire organization
  7. Interim Professionals: Scrum Masters, Agile Coaches, Department Managers

For more information ...

Adaptive People B.V.
Postal Address: Niemeyerruimte 18, 2728 NB Zoetermeer
Phone: +31 641 968 386 | Email: email to Service & Support

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